Saturday, November 6, 2010

Newest SCAM is U-BILL

Upbill has changed the name of their scam to U-BILL
Log on to and you will see the scams they are supporting

Please DO not buy crappy software from them

You can easily found very good alternatives for free

It is a free world now

Monday, October 20, 2008's customer service will talk to nicely,But BEWARE

You there is more than 100 companies like that consider there customer's money must have value.So even if you forgot to cancel your trial period,You can email them and request a refund if you haven't downloaded anything.But does not have such honest system.They that they cannot monitor the downloading.So how can they sell downloads ?

Please do not buy via

They are only a third party,you will never receive a proper technical help.

Thursday, October 2, 2008 is a SCAM

We have found that that is tricking customers to get money out of their credit cards by these ways. is a scam

You know most of the legitimate well established web sites that sell downloadable things.I mean like, I am happy to say that they never miss their customers by simply not answering them or closing their support tickets without even a single reply.

But this scam company named as is very well organized scam.That they provide a email address, But they cannot receive emails even from some registered emails.

Because of this they have begun a customer support system address the customers one month ago.
We thought that they are going reorganize the customer service,and now it is in fair buisness.But they have already closed 3 of our support tickets.

They do not refund your time unless you cancel it before the trial period.But most of their site does indicate such trial time period.Like
They use GPT sites like,, to get their products to the public.

We have information about few scammy products they sell.My advice is that if you want to buy products that shown below,please do not do it via